A credit privacy number, or CPN, is a nine-digit identifying number similar to a Social Security number. A CPN is sometimes marketed to consumers with bad credit as a path to a fresh credit history although its not tied to your real social security number. CPNs can be used instead of a Social Security number on applications for credit.
Credit privacy numbers originated from the legal gray area of the Privacy Act of 1974. This act gave individuals the right to withhold their Social Security numbers when not required by other federal laws. You cannot use a CPN to obtain government lending such as an FHA loan or student loans.  Using a CPN to avoid paying taxes or child support is illegal and punishable under federal law.
 When you’re wearing a good costume, your mask and outfit conceal your real identity, and no one knows who you really are. Similarly, a CPN purports to mask your identity and credit history. 
The theory is if you give lenders a different nine-digit number, they won’t be able to find your legitimate credit reports so they'll choose to deny your application or they’ll approve your applications and start reporting the account information to the credit bureaus using the CPN, thus establishing a new credit report for you that is not connected to your legitimate credit report. Your legitimate credit report wont be effected by an inquiry either way.
The supportive argument is that you’re not required to give a lender your Social Security number (SSN) when applying for credit, which is 100% true • You can certainly choose to withhold any identifying information from your lenders, but they can also choose to deny your application as a result. 
A BLANK CPN be purchased online and assigned to any consenting adult. We only offer clean credit protection numbers. They are never stolen Social Security numbers, taken from children, the deceased or inmates.
CPN numbers are created and activated without a credit score which means that you can not accomplish much with-it until you've taken the time (30-45 days) to built the CPN as you would a credit score with Tradelines or credit builder programs. Scammers will advertise Prebuilt CPNs with scores or Tradelines which is not possible. All BLANK CPNS have - 0 -  scores.
CPN Number – Delivered in 4 hours 

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