This package is equipped with a Tri merged cpn, employment and income verification for rental, utility and cable approvals. You will also be approved WITH a fico score! The Basic Apartment Package has fewer apartments available because there is no FICO SCORE. 
That is good news for those seeking A home or Luxury apartment with more time to allow 45 days for the tradeline to post to the cpn.  GUARANTEED!! We have a 100% success rate for rental approvals with this package.
The entire process is completed for you! You just pick up the Keys with Photo ID!
Most of our clients use their CPN to obtain an housing and then work on their personal credit to purchase a home in the near future.  ​The use of a CPN is perfectly legal when used with good intentions.
​ People are not even aware that a program like ours exists. Most people with credit challenges, evictions, or blemished records sign up for this program.  Each and every client has a testimony on how their life changed after signing up.
Great News! You may not have to pay a deposit with a fico score!
Bank accounts, cell phone accounts, utility bills, credit cards are also easy to obtain with this package.
CPN Number – Activated within 4 hours 
* Completion of file is about 30 to 45 days

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